Redesigning The Offer Page Experience


Hopsy is a beer subscription service that delivers unique, 2-liter bottles of rotating beer styles directly to your door. Paired with its standalone draft beer machine customers can enjoy taproom quality beer at home.


  • Research

  • Concept Validation

  • Visual Design

Problem Statement

Customers need a way to recognize they are signing up for a subscription plan because they didn’t notice until after they completed their first order.


I believe that by creating a more transparent offer page we can attract new leads and get them to sign up for a subscription plan without feeling like they’ve been misled. This will allow us to have better trust with customers and increase customer satisfaction from the very beginning. We will know this to be true when we see an increase in conversion rates and less complaints from new customers.

  • How do we tell customers they are signing up for a  subscription plan in a way that doesn’t negatively affect lead acquisition?

  • How do we encourage customers to sign up for a subscription plan instead of doing a one-time purchase?

  • How do we get customers to choose the more expensive subscription plan and choose additional add-ons?


Site Audit

Customer Support Interview

Comparative Analysis

Common Pain Points

Due to time constraints and limited resources we weren’t able to interview customers. To find usability issues I did a UX audit of the existing experience and talked to customer support about the issues they received from customers.

  • Lack of information about the subscription on the site, many customers had no idea they signed up for a recurring subscription plan.

  • Customers often felt there weren't enough options to meet their needs.

  • Multiple different offer pages listed on site.

Comparative Analysis

We looked at other companies that offered a  curated box subscription service to understand how they presented their offers and what kind of information they included.


  • Provide one flow, remove all old offer pages from the site. The offer page should be easily accessible from the site navigation.
  • Update the language so it’s clear that this is a recurring subscription plan.

  • Allow customers to opt out of the subscription by offering a one-time purchase option.
  • Allow customers to customize their order within the sign up flow.
  • Provide a quiz to help customers choose the best option to fit their lifestyle.

User Flow

The new offer page flow had to include clear paths for the subscription plan non-subscription plan and needed to have a huge emphasis on the customization feature.


Based on my research and the customer support interviews. I built high-fidelity wireframes of all the necessary screens for the cancellation flow.


Once the mobile wireframes were reviewed, updated and approved by the team, I  built out the final designs for desktop and mobile.

Being transparent with customers upfront allows them comfortably choose a subscription plan or non-subscription plan from the very beginning.

Allowing customers to customize their subscription plan upon activation makes it clear that they can structure their plan to fit their lifestyle.


After presenting the design to stakeholders and once everyone was onboard we were ready to implement. Unfortunately, soon after the project had to be put on pause due to other projects that took more priority.

Next Steps

Once the project gets implemented we will be able to see if this approach increases  conversion rates and improves customer satisfaction.

We would also like to track the success of the “Mini-Quiz” to determine if we should implement a more robust quiz to help customers get started and offer better beer recommendations based on their taste preferences.